Mission Statement

Love Tribe Vibes is riding the crest of a great energy wave shifting our world towards Spirit-infused ways of being. Inspired music and beautiful mantras, as well as a yoga practice done with devotion to transform the earth's magnetic psyche towards peace, abundance, love, and healing for all.

  • We hold the door open for all souls to enter Heaven here.
  • Love Tribe Vibes is a place where we support each other’s journey towards our true authentic selves.
  • Love Tribe Vibes is an exciting place that celebrates expression in Spirit.
  • A place where you always feel uplifted and inspired.
  • When you catch the vibe you can vibe the vibe and connect soul to soul.
  • A place that believes that a life well lived is the perfect balance between celebration and discipline.
  • A sacred place because we are the product of our practices and that Spiritual practices and selfless service represent the highest path and generate the highest good...
  • A venue committed to helping shift the focus from what divides us to what unites us all.
  • May Spirit align us with the beating heart of all Creation. May we dance, sing, and put our bodies on the line to be Divine.